The idea of being your own boss doesn’t appeal to you? Well if that is the case then you must read this article and learn how you can start your own business with no experience and no capital investment whatsoever – if that is what you desire – by following the simple steps I give below.

1. Know what you want. I start here because this is the most important step. If you know what you want then you can plan your steps to get there. The only problem is there are thousands of things you could want to do. The trick is to find one that interests you and is profitable. You might be thinking there is no way I can do that. Wrong!

2. Write down your goals; this is extremely important because it gives you direction.

3. Take Action; this is the important part. I start taking action when I have an outline in my head I know I will get there eventually. But I don’t know when. I take action when I know I will get there with an idea of how. Do not just jump into some activity without first writing down your idea, outlining and how you will do it. Once you write down your idea, then you can do a Google search to find other ways to do it and find out how much it will cost you and get a realistic breakdown of what this can cost you.

You can find out ways to do this from your hometown or from your local college campus career services. But make sure you do your research because there are some things they offer you that aren’t really there.

* Don’t pay for an MLM program.
* Don’t pay for a website
* Don’t pay for an online course

These are great ways to get started. If you have other methods of starting that will work for you then by all means use them. Just be realistic and find out how much it will cost you or how you can do it affordably.

However don’t make it sound too easy. Find out how they will teach you; how many courses they have to offer, how often they will teach you and where they will be held.

Make sure you do your research because there are some things they offer that aren’t really there.

I hope this helps. See you at the top>

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