Manual Link Pyramid With PBN


Manual Link Pyramid With PBN


Manual Link Pyramid With PBN


  • Articles Quantity 19

  • HQ Articles 17

  • Handwritten Articles for PBN5 5

  • Tier-1

  • Private Blog Network (PBN) (T-1) 5

  • Expired Web 2.0 PBN (T-1) 15

  • Web 2.0 (T-1) 30

  • Article Submission (T-1) 15

  • Profile Submission (T-1) 150

  • Social Bookmark (T-1) 40

  • Video Submission (T-1) 10

  • EDU GOV Links (T-1) 20

  • Social Signals (T-1) yes

  • Community Links (T-1) 3

  • PDF Creation and Submission (T-1) 15

  • Blogspot with HQ Video (T-1) yes

  • Image Sharing Links (T-1) 10

  • Press Release (T-1) 3

  • High Quality Answers (T-1) 7

  • Tier-2

  • Wiki Submissions (T-2) 1200

  • Social Bookmarks (T-2) 700

  • GSA Contextual Backlinks (T-2) 500

  • DoFollow Blog Comments (T-2) 400

  • Forum Profile (T-2) 1000

  • Tier-3

  • Blog Comments (T-3) 5000

  • Indexing

  • Premium Indexing yes

  • Custom Indexing yes

    Our PBN features:

    • All the domains are handpicked so that they are entirely clean and powerful.
    • The average Trust Flow (TF) and Referring Domain (RD) is 15.
    • We use different Hosting providers
      • Unique A, B, C class IPs
      • Different nameservers for each site.
    • Site design
      • Real looking sites
      • Unique beautiful logo
      • Different premium themes
      • Expert design, modern PBN (won’t look like usual PBN)
    •  Home page posts for better juice with low OBL.
    • All sites will have Social profiles

    In short, our clients will get a better result with our simple packages.
    We are planning to provide the best package and service possible in your budget for better and faster results.

    Do you send reports?
    Of course! We want you to feel comfortable ordering from us, so we give you a report of every link built except PBN.
Do you accept all the NICHES?

Sorry, we do not work on Loan, escort, lottery, adult, sex toys, Tinder type site, transSensation, gamble, casino, porn, adult content, adult image, adult chatting site, poker, gay, bet, prediction, bar category, wine, alcohol, beer, vodka, cannabis, weed, movie, streaming, insurance, concert, music, song, fortune telling, religion, magic, psychic etc sites. etc sites.Please contact us before purchasing if you are confused with your niche.

After payment send me your keywords  upto 5

your ULRs upto 5  one main upto  4 sub pages

send to

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